Find here optical accessories linked to photo and video : lenses, converters, caps, lens hoods, filters...


Find here lenses and converters for cameras or camcorders.
Find here front caps and rear caps for the lenses or converters of your camera or camcorder.
Lens hoods
Find here lens hoods for lenses and converters photo and video.
Filters Photo - Video
Find here polarizing filters, neutral or simple protections for lenses and converters for your cameras and camcorders.
Find here adapters for your lenses, filters or hoods for cameras or camcorders.
Sensei SDR-7772
In stock
Step-Down ring for filters, lenses or converters. Reduce the diameter size from 77mm to 72mm.
Kaiser Vivicap VC-52 6605
In stock
White balancing your camera and protect its lens is now possible with only one lens cap! Diameter 52mm.
Sensei SUR-3037
In stock
Step-Up ring for filters, lenses or converters. Raise the diameter size from 30mm to 37mm.